South of Heaven - ICS Vortex, Susperia, Rendezvous point live@Betong, Oslo

Sunswitch live@Internasjonalen, Oslo

Devin Townsend Project live@Betong, Oslo, 2012

Therion - Flowers of Evil tour

Blastfest at Revolver, Oslo, October 2012

Fire Walk With Me Klubbkveld: Trollfest + Glittertind live@Internasjonalen, Oslo

European Progressive Assault Tour - Oslo gig

Jaga Jazzist and Britten Sinfonia @Ultimafestivalen, Rockefeller, Oslo 2012

Fire Walk With Me -Kampfar, Troll, Viðr@John Dee, Sept 2012

Lillestrøm viking market

  • 7 subalbums
  • Held between 31st of August and 2nd of September 2012

Dark Bombastic Evening - the 4th ritual

Saint Vitus live@Blå, Oslo

Flåm and Bergen trip

  • 256 images
  • Random trip to Flåm and then to Bergen, via Gudsvangen and Voss. Amazing landscapes and great company. Trip taken in July 2012

Tuska festival 2012

Fire Walk With Me Tour - Oslo

Graspop Metal Meeting 2012

  • 83 images
  • Pics taken with a small camera at Graspop 2012. Fun times and good friends. Plus great music!

ERAS festivalen 2012

  • 260 images
  • for more info. An event in Oslo that shouldn't be missed in the upcoming years. The festival is organised with the...

Questionings - Norwegian metal meets Indian dance

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